Ranita Ray

    With more than a decade-long experience, in leading publications like ToI, as a features, content, blog and articles writer, Ranita writes on variety of subjects including sustainable living, eco-friendly initiatives, green innovation, culture, real estate, home decor, fashion, food and travel. A budding photographer, she loves to click people, landscape, food and culture. And yes, she is soon launching her podcast. Stay tuned 🙂
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    3 ways how your new clothes are costing the environment

    Do you know that around 35% of all microplastics come from such synthetic fabrics? Often, they are priced at a low cost and offer a cheaper price

    Now transform hot deserts into green oases through Czech SAWER

    As an experiment the first version of SAWER was successfully installed and tested in the desert near the city of Sweihan in the United Arab Emirates. Later, it returned to its parent production country. 

    Moving from flower waste to floral wealth

    India has initiated cleanliness drives such as Swachh Bharat, nudging everyone to maintain sanitation and hygiene, and aggressive campaigns are carried on by each state government. While, on the other, waste management, including floral waste, continues to be a serious concern.  

    Here are eight ways to become an eco-traveler

    Do you know that globally every minute, one million plastic bottles are bought by humans? And a significant share comes from the tourism sector. Apart from ending up in landfills and water bodies, it also contains a potentially harmful chemical called BPA. It has the tendency to leak into the water.

    9/11: from 1893 to 2001 to 2021, how safe is our planet?

    About 128 years ago, when the reckless industrialisation and arms race were yet to begin and the world was a century away from flash floods and global warming, Swami Vivekananda's historic speech at the World's Parliament of Religions in Chicago in 1893 hinted at it.