November29 , 2021

Here’s how Costa Rica transformed itself to one of most sustainable countries


Here’s how climate change is impacting wine production

The study mentions that the cooler wine producing regions including Germany, New Zealand and the US Pacific Northwest would comparatively be unharmed in the 2 degree Celsius scenarios. The regions which are already hot like Italy, Spain, and Australia faced the largest losses, because they are already limited to planting the warmest varieties.


DUBAI. UAE. From a country criticised for deforestation to winning Earthshot prize from Prince William, Costa Rica has come a long way. The country is celebrating its 200th year of independence in 2021. It has made major advances in digital technologies and clean energy achieving almost 100% renewable energy status. William Reuben, Commissioner General in conversation with Ritu Kant Ojha explains how CostaRica made such strides and what the world can learn from it. Costa Rica is located on Central America. With a population of about 5 million people, this democratic nation is internationally recognized for its amazing biodiversity, tourism, and sustainability. Costa Rica is known as the happiest country in Latin America.

About Costa Rica:
• Is a country with 2/3 of the UAE’s territory

• Has 6.5% of the world’s biodiversity

• Reversed its deforestation and greenhouse emissions

• More than 98% of its electrical energy is produced by renewable sources

• Has universal healthcare and education

• Plans to decarbonize its economy by 2050

Costa Rica pavilion at Dubai Expo 2020 is attracting investors in cutting-edge private public partnerships and private ventures; and engaging with potential buyers of Costa Rican goods and services. The target are potential investors in the communications and renewable energy sector, green economy, ecotourism, electric mobility, agribusiness, knowledge economy, high-tech and medical devices, as well as potential buyers of goods and services provided by those sectors.

The Costa Rica Pavilion has an area of 400 square meters, of which 200 are the exhibition zone on the ground floor. Meeting rooms and offices are on the first floor where trained staff will offer information and guidance to the business visitor.