November29 , 2021

Now buy net-zero 3D printed homes from this Oakland-based startup


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OAKLAND, CA: Four years back, in August 2017, Slava Solonoitsyn, Dmitry Starodubtsev, Alexey Dubov, and Sam Ruben came together to start a construction technology company called Mighty Buildings. They wanted to leverage technology to disrupt the construction industry by creating beautiful, affordable, and sustainable homes using 3D-printing, robotics, and automation. The company has secured a total of $100 mn in funding to date, including a $22 mn this month. It is backed by several notable international and Silicon Valley tech investors, including Khosla Ventures, Zeno Ventures, ArcTern Ventures, and Y Combinator.

It offers two collections of 3D-printed homes: Mighty Mods and Mighty Houses. These collections include seven move-in ready models suitable for different lot sizes, lifestyles, and budgets.

Mighty Mods are 3D-printed using newly developed non-silicate Light Stone Material and steel components. This advanced technology eliminates 95% of construction waste and creates more durable buildings, saving developers and homeowners money from the start. When a unit is completed, it’s delivered from the company’s manufacturing site in Oakland, California, to the property where it is securely installed. The turnkey services for Mighty Mods start at $187,250.

The Mighty House Kits system offers sustainable, high quality living solutions with 3D-printed panels shipped to site for assembly. These units comprised panels printed utilizing the same Light Stone Material used in Mods. This panelized system makes it easy to create a home and ensures an expedited on-site process. Turnkey pricing for Mighty Houses starts at $221,750.

“As a founding team, we have long been passionate about solving productivity for construction in a sustainable way. We have spent four years figuring out what it takes to achieve that. We believe that we have a master plan now that can work,” said Co-Founder and CEO, Slava Solonitsyn. When they started-up, their garage was 7,900 sq.ft. in a shared warehouse in Redwood City, CA but it has since grown into a 10X larger space, a 79,000 sq.ft. production facility in Oakland, CA.

It’s projected that California will need 3.5 million new homes by 2025 to meet demand. “Our innovative construction technology quickly adds more single family homes and ADUs to the market now, helping to increase housing availability for the ‘Missing Middle.’ This same technology will contribute to the creation of multi-family units in the near future,” he added.

There is a massive shortage of skilled construction workers and tradespeople. By using robotics and automation to speed up the most dangerous and time consuming parts of the construction process and create more units, Might Buildings is able to focus on maximizing the value of the human labor for finishing the units while also attracting a new generation of workers to address the dwindling labor supply in construction.

“While we have already made significant progress towards our 2028 Carbon Neutrality goal with the next generation of our proprietary Light Stone Material (currently undergoing certification), this funding will allow us to accelerate our research into bringing the next phase of our roadmap to life and hopefully stepping beyond neutrality into true regeneration/circularity,” said Co-Founder and Chief Sustainability Officer, Sam Ruben.

The startup claims that its 3D-printing technology eliminates 95% of construction waste. For 1 Mighty House, this is equivalent to eliminating: CO2 emissions of 5,026 miles driven or CO2 emissions of 225 gallons of gasoline.