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    Now transform hot deserts into green oases through Czech SAWER

    As an experiment the first version of SAWER was successfully installed and tested in the desert near the city of Sweihan in the United Arab Emirates. Later, it returned to its parent production country. 

    UK Pavilion designed by Es Devlin revealed at Expo 2020

    The overarching theme for Expo 2020 Dubai is ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’. Under the theme ‘Innovating for a Shared Future’, the UK’s participation will boost the UK’s global reputation, drive future partnerships and provide long term economic benefit.

    PepsiCo’s innovations to transform the way we shop, eat and drink

    As part of an ongoing commitment to reduce single-use plastics, PepsiCo will debut the Aquafina® Water Station at Expo. Providing a personalised experience while encouraging mindful consumption, the station allows you to customise your drink, choosing between still or sparkling water, with the option to add a variety of flavours.

    DEWA’s second Solar Decathlon Middle East begins November 2021

    SDME 2021 will happen in Dubai, during the Expo 2020 activities, offering participating universities and their partners the best opportunity to be part of the most important global event of the year. These teams will exhibit the unique houses they have designed and constructed at a time when sustainability, innovation, and green energy will be in the minds of all the people living in or visiting Dubai.

    Here’s how to become part of Expo 2020 Dubai’s invite-only curtain raiser

    The breath-taking culmination of almost 10 years of planning and preparation for Expo 2020, the Opening Ceremony at Al Wasl Plaza – an architectural marvel featuring the world's largest 360-degree projection surface – will star dazzling visuals and world-class acts.


    ‘Grow’ by Daan Roosegaarde is a marvel on sustainable farming

    Roosegaarde’s artwork GROW is an homage to the beauty and importance of agriculture. Red and blue lights wash like waves over an enormous field surrounded by darkness.

    3 ways how your new clothes are costing the environment

    Do you know that around 35% of all microplastics come from such synthetic fabrics? Often, they are priced at a low cost and offer a cheaper price

    Do you know fast fashion entices but degrades environment?

    It is the second biggest consumer of water and is responsible for 20 percent of global wastewater. It is hard to believe that the dyes used for colouring the clothes in the textile industry are the second largest water pollutants, just after agriculture that pollute fresh water.

    How Lithuania is fast achieving sustainability goals

    The inside of the pavilion greets visitors with a colorful and wide space where the main exposition is demonstrated.  There is an amphitheatrical staircase in the middle of this space that not only connects the floors of the building but is also a comfortable place to sit down, relax and delve deeper into exposition.

    Contribute to environment using these simple food hacks

    If you want to contribute your bit towards the environment then start with your kitchen. Here are the small steps that you can take to make your kitchen green...